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1 - bojii [Axcis' Reposition] / Pink Cursor

Description: I currently can't find any mirror to this skin so I added it myself. The original one has a yellow cursor. Has audible and good hitsounds. I prefer using %100 Effects and %30 Music for listening to the rythm.


2 - ((P R I Z M C L I C K S))

Description: This skin is made by my friend, PrizmClicks. She is currently banned from the official osu! server and her appeal seems, so right to unban. Anyways, I couldn't test this skin because of my limitations. This skin only uses @2x files so, You only can use it if you have a 1920x1080+ display.


3 - Whitecat 1.0

Description: This is the """"""IMPROVER"""""" skin which you can """""""""IMPROVE""""""""" with it. It has nice sounds. Not hitsounds tho, They suck dic-... I mean it does but I'm currently underage and can't say that word. Still waiting to be 13. Anyways, The hitcircles aren't the same color so I don't reccomend this skin