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Welcome to oss my website!

Hello! This is my website! I made this website in 2 days! (actually 5 hours) I post the skins i use/like. There is going to be a navigaiton bar down there! Hope you like my Website!

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    Hello, I am - Windows - (a.k.a. pepsi man / lynnntn / alxntn) I was born at 10th of March, 2008; at Ümraniye, Istanbul, Turkey. I know 3 languages. Turkish, English and N5 Japanese. I am currently 13 years old. I have a mom, a dad and an annoying big brother. I'm the youngest of my family. My complete family is 6 people; me, my dad, mom, brother, aunt and my grandfather. We own 2 houses in a 3 house apartment-like place. I am currently going to Istanbul Middle School and a 7th grader. Anyways, back to the stuff. I enjoy palying osu! I was using Huion 420, but regretted it because it was low-quality. Now it's pen broke and I hope I get a tablet at my birthday. I first registered at 17th of November, 2018 as alxntn1905. That was not my first time playing. I remember playing at the beginning of 2017 but without an account. I wasn't a successful player, of course. I was playing with a mouse and a keyboard. My top play was "Find The Memes In You Thunderclowns tarafından" with 23 PP. I remember having 4 accounts. alxntn1905, - C o o k i e i z -, azteK UwU and lynnntn. One day, i tried hacking. First i used a replay bot and got 1.235pp on Big Black with HDDTFL. That was on my alxntn1905 account. On my azteK UwU account, I used rrtyui's Big Black replay with the same mods and got 2,048pp. AND I don't know who's replay I used but probably it was Cookiezi's. I did Freedom DiVE with HDHRDTFL and got 5,062pp out of that. My 3 accounts got banned because of multiaccounting and cheating. One of them survived the wave. It was lynnntn which i made it for my mom but she refused to play ;-; I played with lynnntn for 3.5 years. I've got to rank 840.1xx there. Then, very soon, i called that account trash. I made another account called - Windows - and started playing with it. I got to rank 1.094.0x4 there. I made a video about my legendary play. That day, I was so hyped of that play and sent the video to the osu!turkey group on facebook. At that time, I forgot multiacc is bannable. And I put "Dont tell ppy but this is my 2nd account." That day some nerd shit asked for my profile. I KNEW he was going to report me on r/osureport. I didn't gave him the profile. I didn't know what would happen and slept wishing nothing bad would happen tomorrow. Back to tomorrow, I signed in to osu! on a break time of the school and... "You have recieved a message from BanchoBot! Click here to read it!" I was MORBIDLLY SHOCKED That day, was my worst day of 2021. Now, I play on with the username: pepsi man I mostly play RX or Normal. That was the end. Thanks for reading.

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